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Thank you SO MUCH for all of your efforts to help our kids! We can't say it enough, you guys are heroes and deserve so much more! I hope these loaves, gifted by your community, help show you some love and appreciation.

After you fill out this order request, we will text or email you to go over details and confirm availability before the order is filled. Orders are available for socially distant porch pickup at my house or can be delivered to your school. I will send you the details when I confirm your order.

All baked. breads are produced in accordance with Missouri Cottage Industry Laws.

Pictures and product descriptions at www.bakedgoodsKC.com

If you need a faster response on current offerings, please DM at https://www.facebook.com/BakedGoodsKC/
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MLO (Monthly Loaf Offering)
plain sourdough
extra sour sourdough
plain sourdough with salt flakes
plain sourdough with everything seasoning
plain sourdough rolls (doz.)
plain sourdough hoagies (1/2 doz)
crispy european hard rolls (doz.)
plain holiday rolls
plain sourdough Turkey
inclusion sourdough Turkey
plain sourdough pumpkin shaped loaf
inclusion sourdough pumpkin shaped loaf
artichoke, herbes de Provence, & garlic
bacon bacon
bacon & blue cheese
bacon & gruyere
blue cheese
brie & roasted garlic
brie & rosemary
caramelized onion
chile relleno
chive & goat cheese
chive, jalapenos, & smoked cheddar
cinnamon crunch
dark chocolate chip
fig, brie, and caramelized onion
gruyere & roasted garlic
hot hatch chile & goat cheese
inclusion rolls (doz.)
inclusion holiday rolls
havarti & dill
kalamata olive
lemon with chive & parmesan
lemon with dark chocolate
lemon & goat cheese
lemon with prosciutto, chives & parmesan
lemon with blueberries
mushrooms & brie
rosemary & roasted garlic
rye with caraway seeds
rye & white with caraway seeds swirl
sage, rosemary, & roasted pepitas
chives, hot peppers, smoked cheddar, & peppered bacon
sprouted whole wheat berries with whole wheat flour
sprouted whole wheat berries, chia & flax seeds, with whole wheat flour
string cheesiness
string cheese chunks & bacon
sundried tomato
sundried tomato & goat cheese
walnut & cranberries
Not yet listed? enter flavor combo here and I'll contact you.
Additional inclusions (each +$2).
Together we rise.
One reason why I started baking was to share food with those in need - and now that I'm selling bread, part of the proceeds of each bake goes to helping the food insecure in our community. I'm also proud to source my dried inclusions from Penzeys, to help support The Trevor Project (https://tinyurl.com/yukrjtpx).

If you or anybody you know are in need of food, please let me know - no one should ever go hungry! I'm glad to drop off a meal, or you can pick up - we don't even need to see each other.

Also, if you are in need of some comfort and self care, but can't afford a loaf at this time, please let me know by clicking the box below and I'll get you one. No questions, no judgment. Just love.  

If you would like to support this effort, you can venmo any donation amount to me - please just label it as a bread LOVE donation. Thanks!!
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Coming together
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When placing your order:
if a white screen appears after submitting, please scroll to the top of the webpage and you should see the confirmation of your submission. You can also click on "receive copy of my submission" if you want to verify the order has gone through. If you're ever still concerned, DM me on facebook or text me at 303-888-0282 and I'll ensure your order has been received. Thank you!! MWAH!
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