Return From Covid-19, 17th May 2021.
This form is being used to confirm that all club members have been made aware of, taken the time to read, and passed on the details to their children, where Under-18, of the latest Club Guidelines for our Volleyball Club's return to play. This is following the relaxation of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown by the British Government, and the subsequent relaxation from the sport's governing body and the public venues used to support the playing of sport in England.

Our covid-19 guidance is available to read at and the training session risk assessments are available here - All members should familiarise themselves with these prior to attending any session with the club.

Due to covid-19 measures we have additional responsibilities for member safety and for wider public health. We have followed government and Volleyball England guidance to ensure we are being responsible, this includes the appointment of a covid-19 officer & training for all of our coaches.

As a result:

***To train you must be a member, having completed the online membership forms and made an initial payment to the club

***Via this revised form sign-up to follow the guidance document produced by the club, and accept the club’s measures to protect members from covid-19

***All players must bring a water bottle, personal sanitiser, a towel and a spare t-shirt to training

Please complete this form. You do not have to print it off and send it in, the form is sent to us when you click on the 'Submit' button at the end.
Members' Full Name *
Parents Full Name if member is Under 18 *
The member is involved as a (Please select the highest level) *
In the junior age group *
By completing and sending this form, I declare that I have read, understood and made sure that my child, named above, understands the criteria from the new guidelines for the return to play of Newcastle Staffs Volleyball Club. I understand/have informed my child that abiding by these guidelines is a condition of being able to take part in any training session.
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