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* If you are a new volunteer please attach your CV to this application in order for it to be reviewed. Tentative dates are Nov 28/29-Dec 8/9 and subject to change.
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If you are a new ISHI volunteer, please attach your CV. Applications for new volunteers will only be reviewed upon receiving a CV. If you have previous mission experience, please indicate so on your CV.
New Volunteers only: How did you hear about ISHI?
If you selected Former ISHI Volunteer or Other, please explain.
Applications will be reviewed as they come. There are many factors that are considered when forming a successful team for an ISHI mission. Submission of an application implies you are able to commit to the selected mission but does not guarantee a spot. Exact dates are subject to change. If you receive confirmation from Dr. Ziad Sifri to join the mission you applied for, ISHI will request a $100 donation to hold your spot. This donation is non-refundable and will be applied to your mission fee. Please check that you understand and are in agreement with the above. Thank you for your interest in ISHI. *
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