Soul Coach Training Program(SCTP) - 12th Batch - English
Please fill this form to register for SCTP 12, which will be conducted at Quantum Life University in 2019
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Important information about the Training Program
* This is a residential training conducted at Navya Takshasila Aatmavidya Peetham, Vikarabad District.
* We provide free accommodation in dormitories, separate for ladies and gents.
* This program is conducted in 2 semesters, 10 days each - total 20 days.
* The first semester is from 22nd to 31st March and the second semester is from 13th to 22nd September.
* Participation in both the semesters is compulsory.
* 100% attendance and participation in all the Shramadaanams(Karma Yoga) are necessary to be certified as a Soul Coach.
* An exam will be conducted at the end of each semester.
* Certification is done after the practical work, written exam and completion of both the semesters at the sole discretion of Life Foundation.
* This is a free program. Any voluntary donations are accepted.

**Any violation of personal boundaries through words or behavior towards your co-participants or organizers will not be permitted.

As I submit this form, I declare that I respect all the teachers and I am willingly attending this Soul Coach Training Program. I understand that this work is for Meditation, Self-Healing and Spiritual Ascension. I understand that this is not a training program for any therapeutic work or to conduct Soul Coach Training Program elsewhere. I understand that there will be different training programs to practice Past Life Regression, Inner Child work or any other therapeutic modalities or to organize Soul Coach Training Program. I am attending this training only for my own inner Transformation. *
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