Marj3 Internship
Marj3 is looking for motivated, proactive and creative interns to join our team for 3 months! Marj3 internship is a great opportunity to work with marj3 team on Scholarship and Education and get exposed to international work environment. We encourage applicants from skilled and motivated young people to serve as interns at Marj3. The purpose of the internship is to provide an opportunity for individuals to substantively contribute to and learn from our work. The intern will be given specific tasks and responsibilities and will be challenged to develop their capabilities and gain experience. The intern is expected to be flexible and to take part in various activities offline and online.

Interested?! Then check out the departments and criteria below.

# Departments:
- Scholarship Department: (Responsibilities:
Finding Scholarships and opportunities and Translate it to be ready for publishing on marj3 website.

- Education Department: (Responsibilities:
Education department working on process of registration for universities to study abroad.

- Media Department: (Responsibilities:
Recording, Montage and editing videos for opportunities are the main work for this department.

- Social Media & Design Department: (Responsibilities:
This department is specialized in marketing on social media and graphic Design.

# General criteria to join Marj3 Team :
- Passionate about Marj3 idea and work.
- Age from 16 to 25 years old.
- Ready to work 10 hours/ week for 3 months.
- Minimum intermediate English.
- Flexible, good communicator, hard worker and creative.
- Applied or got a scholarship will be an advantage to your application.

# Benefits:
- Strong network of alumni of scholarships where you can get consultancy very fast.
- Very fruitful environment.
- Attending Marj3 events & training for free.
- You will know scholarships immediately after their announcement.
- Consulting and help with your applications for opportunities.

# Internship Overview:
No salary, No allowances, Hard Working, high potential, creativity and innovation required but we promise you that you will get more than you think of skills, knowledge and experience.

# Internship Period:
Dec, 2017 to Feb, 2017

This is not assessment. We just need to know more about you.
Feel free to answer as you like to answer not as you like us to see you :] (Be Yourself)

Deadline: Dec. 2, 2016 at ( 23:59 PM Cairo Time)

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