CARES Act, SBA Loan & Related Questions
The Charlottesville Business Innovation Council (CBIC) is organizing a series of timely interviews with subject matter experts (SMEs) within the Small Business Administration (SBA) and regional and local Small Business Development Center (SBDC), which will be a combination of live webinars, webcasts, podcasts and blog posts. Complete this form to ask your specific CARES Act, SBA loan, and related questions.

We will attempt to answer as many questions as feasible and will prioritize during the web interviews those questions we deem will have the most relevance to the most people. More personalized questions are also welcome here. We have other sources of advisors on hand to assist in answering questions via email and our newly launching community platform "CBIC Connect." Hop on over to CBIC Connect to join the dialog(s) and contribute to conversations helping to foster even more community connectivity.

Join us here:

Note: our new community site is being built out as we go. Please be kind, gracious, and helpful to make this a meaningful, useful community-wide tool for as many people as possible.

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