St. Dominic Savio - Prodigal Son
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St. Dominic Savio
Patron of the Falsly Accused
1842 - 1857

St. Dominic Savio was born in Italy in 1842. One day when he was just four, he disappeared and his good mother went looking for him. She found the little fellow in a corner praying with his hands joined and his head bowed. He already knew all his prayers by heart! At five, he was an altar boy. When he was seven, he received his First Holy Communion. On that solemn day, he chose a motto: "Death, but not sin!" and he kept it always.
"A teenager such as Dominic, who bravely struggled to keep his innocence from Baptism to the end of his life, is really a saint," said Pope St. Pius X.
At the age of twelve, Dominic entered the school run by St. John Bosco.
One day Dominic began to feel sick and was sent home to get better. While at home he grew worse, instead, and received the last Sacraments. He was only fifteen then, but he did not fear death. In fact, he was overjoyed at the thought of going to Heaven. Just before he died, he tried to sit up.
"Goodbye," he murmured to his good father. Suddenly his face lit up with a smile of great joy and happiness. "I am seeing such wonderful things!" he exclaimed. Then he spoke no more, for he had gone to Heaven.
Dominic is the patron saint of choir boys and of the falsely accused.
This latter title was given to him due to the following incident. One time, two boys filled the school stove with snow and garbage during the cold winter months. When the teacher came back into the room, they falsely accused Dominic of doing the "dirty" deed. Although disciplined in front of the entire class, Dominic refused to tell on the two mischievous boys. When the truth was later revealed, Dominic was asked why he didn't confess to his innocence. He remarked that he was imitating Our Lord, Who remained silent during His persecutions and crucifixion. His feast day is March 9th.
Danny Gokey - Tell Your Heart to Beat Again
Next Sunday afternoon, we will explore & look at Sin in our lives, and how destructive sin is to us all. Let’s look at two people who were close to Jesus; 2 of his own Apostles: Peter & Judas Iscariot. Both men sinned. Peter bragged that he would follow Jesus even to death and then denied that he even knew him not once but three times. Judas cooperated with the Jewish leaders who wanted Jesus dead and took 30 pieces of silver to betray his Lord and Master. Both men sinned; one went out & wept and asked for forgiveness. Judas fell into despair and went out & hanged himself. See how destructive sin can be in our lives. In preparation for this next class, please read the account of the Prodigal Son as found in the 15th Chapter of St. Luke’s gospel, verses 11 to 24. As you read the verses, what thoughts stick out in your mind? What are your thoughts on the young son? What do your parents and sponsor think about the prodigal son parable? *
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