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STUDENT FEED BACK - Performance of the Faculty
This Form is intended to collect information regarding your satisfaction towards the course content, Teaching, evaluation.

Give the Feedback for the Faculty of your Concern Subject.

Please refer the Faculty name in College website.

One student can give one feedback per Staff who comes to their class.

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Kindly click your Appropriate choice for the following statements
5. Excellent 4. Very Good 3. Good 2. Satisfactory 1. Need to improve
I. Course Content
1.Teacher's thorough knowledge in the subject *
2.Teacher communicates clearly *
3. Ability to motivate the students *
4. The teacher covers the entire syllabus *
5. Ability to make the class interesting *
Teaching Process
6. The Teacher is punctual to the class *
7. The teacher engages the class for full duration *
8. The teacher encourages the students participants in the class *
9. The teacher provides counselling guidance to the needy students *
10. The teacher uses modern teaching aids *
Evaluation Process
11. The teacher conducts periodical assessments *
12. The teacher returns the value answer scripts in time *
13. The teacher is fair and unbiased in the evaluation process *
14. The teacher takes care of academically slow learners *
15. The teacher uses methods of Quiz, Assignment for the evaluation *
Planning & Organization
16. The teacher plans the teaching *
17. The Teacher's preparation for the class *
18. The teacher's pace and level of instruction are suited to the attainment of students. *
19. The teacher covers the syllabus at appropriate pace *
20. The teacher is courteous and impartial in dealing with the students *
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