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At Viera High School, attendance is paramount to student success. The Viera High School Instrumental Music Program is "co-curricular," which means that enrollment in a course related to Orchestra, Band, Percussion, Jazz, or Color Guard will require participation both during- and after-school.

This online form is to be filled out each time a student is absent from a scheduled rehearsal or performance.

You may email the directors to confirm, but this form is our official means by which to track excused and unexcused absences from band-related events and should be used each and every time a student will not be in attendance. Any documentation you may provide should be brought to a band director so we may make a copy for our records (before turning them in to the VHS Attendance Office). The Attendance Office does not automatically communicate info related to students attendance to the Band Directors.

The Viera High School Instrumental Music Program excuses students from rehearsals and performances using the Brevard Public School attendance policy. This allows for certain absences which will not be counted against a student's nine (9) allowed per 9-weeks. These are:
1. Court Dates
2. Religious holidays                      
3. Illness with medical documentation
4. Chronic and extended illness


Absences that do not meet the above criteria are not considered excused by VHS Instrumental Music. Excused absences from certain rehearsals & performances will require a make-up assignment in order for students to receive credit for their grade.

As per the BPS policy, if a student is not in attendance in school for at least 4 hours, they are not considered in attendance that day. Students must attend school in order to participate in rehearsals & performances on the same day, and must maintain a 2.0 grade point average as well.
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