Elections in the Post-Award Community, March 2018
Please cast your votes for the 2018 elections in the Post-Award Community below.

The election in 2018 covers:

Election of three members of the Post-Award Change Management Board, (two for the term of two years and one for the term of one year)

Please find CVs and motivation letters from the candidates uploaded in Confluence:

The call for candidates has ended.

For the positions, there were four candidacies submitted:

- Philip Helger
- Jan Maeroe
- Paul Simons,
- Carmen Ciciriello,

The Post-Award Community will be asked to elect three of the four candidates

- After the election, the three persons with the highest number of votes will be appointed as CMB members, of which:
- The two persons with the highest number of votes will be appointed as CMB members for the term of 2 years
- The third person will be appointed for a term of one year

In case of a tie between the second and third candidates, a second ballot will be conducted between the two candidates.

Deadline for voting is March 14th, 2018, in case a second ballot is needed. This would be conducted March 15th -19th

Please cast your votes below.

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Post-Award Change Management Board election
Please elect three of the four candidates listed below.
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