Audition for Random Chants!
Random Chants is holding rolling auditions in the coming month for sopranos and altos!

A little about us - we are an SSAA a cappella group that performs a mix of popular hits and more obscure gems, including pop, country, rock, and folk. Based in the Greater Boston area, we are a friendly bunch looking for someone similar to make music with us in a fun and supportive environment. We are gender inclusive and welcome all soprano and alto auditionees.

Unlike a traditional a cappella group, we have no music director, so everyone contributes and collaborates to shape our sound, find gigs, and arrange (as their ability and experience allows). As a new member, you would be expected to put in some extra practice (outside our weekly rehearsal) to get caught up on our material, but we believe it would pay off in a great sound and lifelong friendships.

Please fill out the form below, and we will contact you ASAP to arrange an audition if you seem like a good fit. If you have any questions about the group or the audition process, feel free to email us at You can also learn more about us online at or

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What is your musical background/experience? Please include a brief description of any high school/college/church or other musical groups you have been a part of; voice parts you have sung; vocal percussion, arranging, group managing, or conducting experience you have had, etc. Feel free to include links to your performances, if you have them (but no worries if you don't). *
Which day(s) are you generally free to rehearse? Note: We usually rehearse once weekly, either 7:30-9:30pm if a weekday or 7-9pm if Sunday, and the day shifts according to availability. We alternate rehearsing at different group members' homes, which right now range in location from Boston/Cambridge to ~25 minutes outside of the city. We make up rehearsal schedules for ~2 months at a time. *
Please tell us one non-musical random bit of trivia about yourself. :-) Also, feel free to add any other info about yourself that you think we should know. *
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