Mission 100 Application
Mission 100 is a partnership between the Southeastern Center of Robotics Education (SCORE) at Auburn University and the VEX REC Foundation. During the 2018-19 school year, we are sponsoring 100 new VEX IQ elementary robotics competition teams (target 4th - 6th grades) in the state of Alabama with a focus on rural, urban and under-resourced schools.

Mission 100 will provide over $1400 worth of equipment, supplies and training including:
- 2 VEX IQ competition robotics kits
- Engineering notebooks
- Challenge game pieces
- 2 day free teacher workshop in fall 2018 in multiple locations around the state (dates to be announced)
- On-going support during the year from SCORE and the REC foundation

If chosen to participate in Mission 100, you must commit to the following:
- Participate in a 2 day training workshop in your geographic region
- Register at least one VEX IQ team for the 2018-19 school year ($150 for first team, $100 for each additional team)
- Participate in a minimum of one SCORE-hosted VEX IQ competition during the 2018-19 school year (time frame October - March)
- Recruit a diverse group of students for each team (mixed gender, race and ethnicity) to the best of your ability

At the conclusion of the 2 day teacher workshop, teachers will receive all the equipment and supplies for their team(s). Teachers must attend the workshop in order to participate in Mission 100.

Completion of this application form does not guarantee acceptance.

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Title 1 status at school?
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Current status of VEX IQ at your school
How do you envision implementing a VEX IQ competition team at your school (e.g. after school, in-school club, incorporate into curriculum, pull-out enrichment group, etc)
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Are you interested in having an all girls team?
Do you feel confident you can recruit 4 to 7 students for a team?
How many teams do you plan to start in 2018?
Do you believe you have the appropriate level of parent or school support to transport your team to VEX competitions?
It is our desire that this program become sustainable at your school. Describe any resources in your school or community that could support your program after this year (e.g. parent organizations, business or industry, high school mentors, etc.)
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Does your feeder middle or high school participate in any of the following programs to the best of your knowledge? (check all that apply)
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