Widow Empowerment Quiz: Begin your pathway forward.  
"Where do I begin?" This is an all too familiar question many widows face. We get it.
This is why we created this short quiz which will enable you to determine what phase of widow empowerment you may be facing at the current moment. We were able to develop this from decades of lived experiences from widows just like you right here at Modern Widows Club.

* Read and complete: Approximately 10 minutes.
* Final result: A summary will be given at the end.

Modern Widows Club has created this tool and guide to empower you to identify where you are on the hope, heal, grow, lead pathway forward in widowhood. Some phases may receive a newsletter designed specifically for the phase. The importance of identifying and understanding where you may be right now helps you to know what may help you moving forward.

With your submission, Modern Widows Club will periodically send you emails on specific topics that we feel will help you most. We realize Wisters may just be the busiest women in the world.  You may unsubscribe at anytime. We respect your time and know it is valuable.  

When answering, think about the last several weeks. Let's go.  
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