St Joseph's Census 2019
The 2019 CENSUS was posted on 7th March 2019
The purpose of this census was to validate the details held on the Parish Register for your household and to obtain your consent to use this data for parish related matters.
Please enable us to find your family record
Your family name (surname) and family members *
eg: Smith, Tom and Jane, and children Joe, Anne
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It does not come back to us automatically. We should be able to find your record from it.
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...In case we can't find your record. Perhaps you may have moved and we have you listed under an old address.
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The information provided above will be used solely for the purpose it was given, which is to remove your family records from the parish register. This action does not affect the Parish Ledgers of Births, Marriages and Deaths which are maintained under Canon Law.

Should you change your mind at a later date, please go to the parish website at and click the link to the Parish Register.

The data you provide will not be shared with any third parties or outside of the parish. Details of how we process your data, and your rights, are on the full Privacy Notice which may be seen on the Diocesan website.
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