PCOL Survey of Hearing Needs
The Worship Committee is committed to ensuring that all those who attend worship can participate as fully as possible.

We know that several of our friends and members have special needs that relate to hearing. This brief survey will help us to understand how we might improve your ability to hear and participate in worship.

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Is it ever difficult for you to hear persons speaking in church?
Would you like to consult with the Worship Committee to improve our sound system either on an individual basis or to the sanctuary as a whole?
Would it be helpful to you if the church furnished headphones that connect wirelessly to the sound system of the church?
Do you presently wear a hearing aid?
If yes, does your device have the capability to connect to speakers via Bluetooth?
If yes, have you used the Bluetooth functionality with your current hearing aids?
Has your hearing provider suggested mechanisms for improving acuity in public spaces?
If yes, can you briefly share what those suggestions are:
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Other things that we should know to improve your ability to hear in church:
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