Digital Media 1B Test
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Planning, Design, & Development: Students will demonstrate proper planning and design by utilizing an instructional design model such as ADDIE, Adobe Professional Design, Rapid Deployment Model, and so forth in the development of digital media projects. (4 questions)
To develop an interactive project the team should use:
What does ADDIE stand for?
What is the step by step process in the Adobe Professional Model?
Check the all that apply in the Design process:
In-house testing is of a project is called.
Team Activities: Students will participate in individual and team (group) activities. (2 questions)
Check all that are on a design team.
What skill is not needed to complete an interactive project?
2D Animation -- Students will produce and utilize 2D animation. (17 questions)
1) Not an animation format:
Check all that apply.
2) Check two principals of animation:
3) A series of images create a the illusion of movement:
4) What does FPS stand for?
5) A symbol in animation is:
6) A key frame;
7) A Tween is;
Digital Video: Students will plan, create, edit, and publish digital video. (16 questions)
1) Video files:
Check all that apply
2) Why should you use digital video instead of analog video?
Check all that apply
3) When shooting outside, where should the sun be?
Check all that apply
4) What is the standard frames per second in video?
5) Post Production:
Check all that apply
6) Shooting from a worms point of view:
7) Scene-by-scene plan is a:
Web Technologies: Students will create basic Web pages or documents. (2 questions)
1) An RSS feed purpose is to:
2) What is the purpose of a hyperlink:
3) Which file type does not allow transparency?
4) What type of measurements is used in web design.
Digital Technologies: Students will explore new and digital technologies (8 questions)
1) What is a Podcast?
2) Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and MySpace are:
3) Google Docs:
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