4th Grade in Room 109 Family Survey
We made it through our first two weeks of virtual learning. It's been a learning curve for us all. Thank you for your patience. I would love to hear your feedback. Please submit the following survey at your earliest convenience.
Who is your 4th grader? *
On a scale of 1-5: How independent is your child with their zooms and school work? *
I need to sit with my child for each task. They need a lot of help.
My child is mostly independent. They might ask me one or two questions throughout the day.
How many hours a day does your student spend on their school work, google classroom assignments (in addition to live zoom lessons)? *
How comfortable is your child navigating the technology? *
They need constant help.
They teach me about the tech and are very independent.
Google Classroom: Is your child able to locate the assignments on google classroom that they need to complete independently? *
Google Classroom: Do you find the lesson videos on google classroom helpful? *
Social Emotional Health: How is your child feeling regarding school? How are they doing emotionally? *
How are you feeling regarding school? *
Is there anything I can do to better support you and your child on this virtual learning adventure?
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