INMUCAL-Nutrients V.3 Installation for Thesis.
Processing of software installation ....
1. Fill in the information (below this page)
2. Download registration form from
3. Please fill in registration form to complete and then call to 02-8002380 ext. 314 for appointments to install.
4. Bring the registration form to the Community Room2 (on the 3rd floor) for installation.

**For Student ID is 53 to 55, the first installation are fee exemption.
**For Student ID is 56 to now, the 1st installation is fee exemption but for the 2nd pay 200 THB.
***Database version is NB1.2

Q1. For installation
(If you answer the first time, you can skip to Q2)
Q1.1 How many time for installation program?
Q2. What your name?
Your answer
Q3. What your student ID?
Your answer
Q4. What your major of faculty?
Your answer
Q5. What's name of your thesis?
Your answer
Q6. Your advisor's name?
Your answer
Q7. Computer operating systems?
Q8. Appointments to install and pay 200 THB. (please contact to 02-8002380 ext. 314 before)
(Day/Month/Year example: 20/09/2555)
Your answer
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