Invite the ZAP Advisory Board to Your Event
The ZAP program strongly encourages you invite the appropriate Advisory Board to at least one of your organization's events for free annually; however, you may invite your Tier's board members as often as you wish.

This form must be submitted for each individual event, unless it's multiple dates of the same event or in a festival-like setting, in which event information may be submitted in a single form. If you are wanting to invite the board to a season or series of programs, please submit each event individually at least two weeks but no more than four weeks prior to the event's RSVP date.

ZAP does not expect organizations to invite board members to fundraisers for free.

PLEASE NOTE: Invitations are sent to the board in batches approximately every two weeks. Because of this, we recommend you submit your invitation 3-4 weeks head of your RSVP date (or if no RSVP, your event date), in the event it is submitted just after a batch has been sent.
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