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Please use this form to add an entry to 'Online Teaching Resources'. This spreadsheet is designed to help staff in Irish higher education institutions who are moving quickly to online teaching. The spreadsheet, maintained by the National Forum, does not replace resources created by institutions for staff, but simply provides a way to share them across the sector. The focus is on your current key resources re: teaching in this time of disruption.

Please fill in the fields below to submit a link to a webpage or other online resource your institution has created to support online teaching. We ask you to submit no more than 3 resources per institution. Extra resources can be added at the end of the form. Thank you.

See the latest list of resources at If you have any questions, please email (NOTE: Please include your email address so that the National Forum can check with you if there are any questions; your email will not be shared on the public spreadsheet.)
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Optional: If you would like to share additional resources from your institution, or resources created by others that you have found useful, please enter these in the field below. We will curate these on another tab in the spreadsheet. Thank you.
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