Registration Form- Fall 2019
6th Annual UGA Science Olympiad Division C Invitational
Date: October 26, 2019

The UGA Science Olympiad Outreach program is hosting its 6th Annual Division C invitational tournament at UGA's main campus in Athens, GA on October 26, 2019! We will be running all events! However, building events are optional and will not be included in the final score. If you are interested, please fill out the following form, in entirety.

Each school is allowed up to three teams. Other schools' A/B teams will be prioritized above C team.

The registration period will continue through midnight on October 2, 2019. A wait list will be formed according to timestamps. Registration is nonrefundable after September 22nd.

Registration is $65 for each A team, $60 for each B team, and $55 for each C team. Registration may be waived for teams who participate in our outreach program or depending on circumstances. Checks should be made out to Science Olympiad Outreach at UGA and sent to:

NEW ADDRESS: 199 Stone Mill Run, Apartment 326, Athens, GA 30605

Send one check for all team registration fees with the full school name on the memo of the check. For added security, print the filled out google form and mail it in with the check. We need to receive your checks, along with the google form submission, by midnight on October 2nd if you want to be considered for registration.

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who would be interested. We look forward to hearing from you all soon!

Please direct any questions to or 706-829-4670

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At the tournament, schools that have multiple teams must designate teams as "A, B, and C." Please no "Gold and Silver" or "1 and 2"! This will allow us to standardize team names across the tournament.
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Please list any building events that your team is interested in competing in. This is not binding; this will just help us to allocate the correct resources and number of volunteers to each event. *
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