Share Your Experience With Food Insecurity
We want to help elected officials and policymakers make decisions that help to positively address issues like food insecurity, poverty, and income inequality. Have you ever struggled to access or afford enough healthy food for yourself or your family? Are you currently experiencing food insecurity? What message do you have for the people in power making decisions about funding for hunger and poverty relief programs? What do you wish your congressional members knew about what it's like to be in your shoes?
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Tell us a bit about yourself. Do you have other people in your household? Are you currently working or have you worked in the past? Are you currently struggling with food insecurity, and/or have you struggled in the past to afford enough food on your own?
What makes it hard for you to afford and access enough healthy food on your own? For example, do you have inconsistent hours at work? Is your rent or mortgage too high compared to your wages? Do you or someone in your household have medical bills or a disability?
What has helped you the most to feed yourself or your family? Do you get help from your foodbank or local food pantry? Do you receive SNAP (food stamps)?
What do you wish your elected officials and other people making decisions that impact your life knew about what it's like to be in your shoes? What would you tell them if you could talk with them one-on-one?
Do you give the Ohio Association of Foodbanks permission to share your story? (parts of your story may be used in outreach to elected officials, on social media, or in other places where stories from real people experiencing hunger are needed) *
Can the Ohio Association of Foodbanks contact you to follow-up for more information or with opportunities to share your story with journalists or elected officials? *
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