5th-7th Grades After-School Club Sign-Up
Clubs begin immediately after dismissal and last until 3:30pm. There is a 20 student max capacity per club, that is why we are asking that you give a second option in case your first choice has already reached max capacity. Clubs will NOT be available for Wednesdays and Fridays. * Please only submit one form per child. If more than one form is submitted, DAS will select clubs for student. CLUB REGISTRATION CLOSES ON AUGUST 14, 2017

NOTE: Students/Parents will be able to sign up for FLL Robotics and Science Olympiad middle school on August 26th. Flyers will be sent home the week of August 21st.

Club Descriptions:

D.A.S. BEGINNING Concert Band
Students can learn any woodwind (flute, clarinet, saxophone), brasswind (trumpet or trombone), or percussion instrument in group setting. Students will be required to rent an instrument and purchase one copy of the method book. This club is for 5th-7th graders who have never played an instrument before.

D.A.S. ADVANCED Concert Band
Students who were already in band last year can continue on their woodwind, brasswind, or percussion instrument. Students will be required to rent an instrument and purchase one copy of the method book. If students would like extra practice, he/she may sign up for the Beginning Concert band as well that is offered on Tuesdays

Yearbook Club- Geri Adams
Students will create The Discovery Academy of Science yearbook for the 2017-2018 school year. Students will be responsible for taking pictures, identifying students and writing articles throughout the school year for a variety of events. Students will write captions, titles, subtitles and descriptions etc... to accompany each photo. Students must be able to go to other events outside of school hours such as the Dunedin Christmas Parade, music concerts, field trips and Science Olympiad to name a few. Students will be required to wear yearbook identification badges when outside the club room for safety purposes. $10 club fee

Aviation Club- Mr. Hannon
Students will explore the ideas that gave aviation it's roots, the advancements, and the science that allows airplanes, helicopters, and drones to fly. They will design experiments and models to demonstrate these ideas and try a few of their own

Strategy board games and design/Chess Club- Mr. Hannon
Students will explore the ideas, mechanics and design of strategy board games, from there, they will attempt to understand what goes into their design and make one of their own balancing gameplay and mechanics as well as artistic design.

Creation Station- Mrs. Broccard
Kids will create a project of their own interest and present it to the club. This club will provide students with the opportunity to explore Project Based Learning, set and meet deadlines and goals, and expand their public speaking skills in a fun and enriching environment.

Lego Club- Ms. Chapin
Students will set their own thematic goals for club projects and build both non-motorized and motorized creations out of Legos! They will program their motorized devices on Scratch and learn how to utilize sensors to make their projects interactive. For example, they might decide to build a space station for a few weeks and design hatches that open when a space craft comes nearby and solar panels that rotate in time with the theoretical orbit around the earth. They might decide to build a jungle next with a guided balloon tour through the canopy, with triggers set to make sound effects and have animals move as the balloon moves forward. There is no limit to the possibilities! There is a $50 one time fee via cash, check, or money order.

STEM Club- Ms. Chapin
Students will pursue projects in science, technology, engineering, and math, with a combination of given challenges and support for independent interests. This club is intended for those who want some STEM every week and just aren't getting enough.

SeaPerch/ Underwater Robotics Club- Mr. Prindle (2 days/week)
SeaPerch is an innovative underwater robotics program that equips teachers and students with the resources they need to build an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). Students build the ROV from a kit comprised of low-cost, easily accessible parts, following a curriculum that teaches basic engineering and science concepts with a marine engineering theme. The SeaPerch Program provides students with the opportunity to learn about robotics, engineering, science, and mathematics (STEM) while building an underwater ROV as part of a science and engineering technology curriculum. Throughout the project, students will learn engineering concepts, problem solving, teamwork, and technical applications.

Building a SeaPerch ROV teaches basic skills in ship and submarine design and encourages students to explore naval architecture and marine and ocean engineering principles. It also teaches basic science and engineering concepts and tool safety and technical procedures. Students learn important engineering and design skills and are exposed to all the exciting careers that are possible in naval architecture and naval, ocean, and marine engineering. Learn more at: http://www.seaperch.org/index

Note: Students who decide to join SeaPearch Club, must attend the club on both days.

Dodgeball Club- Mr. Lewis
Students will participate in games of dodgeball/dodgeball variations

Tournament of Books Club- Mrs. Ritenour
Tournament of Books is a fun way to motivate students to read a variety of exciting books like Wonder, Number the Stars, Speak, and The Book Thief. Students will read 16 of the best books to read in middle school and create brackets for the most popular. They will also discuss and implement comprehension strategies while socializing with their peers about the books they are reading. Which book will be the winner? Join the Tournament of Books Club to find out!

Volleyball Club-Mrs. Bullis
Students will learn volleyball skills such as passing, setting, hitting, and serving. In addition, students will learn the importance of working together as a team.

World Explorers- Mrs. Bullis
Students will explore different areas of the world by examining maps, studying cultures, planning trips, and more. This is a great club for those who like to study geography and learn about different places around the globe. We will even look at all the amazing things that are right here in Florida.

Computer Game Design and Animation- Mrs. Bradbury
Character creation, game environment design and animation using camera's for stop motion creation and computer software

Foreign Language Club- Mrs. Hurst
This club will serve as a basic beginner's course for conversational Spanish. Students will learn conversational phrases, food, animals, numbers, days of the week, etc. We will utilize the Duolingo App (Free) to help us keep track of our fluency. There will be a 10 student limit for this club.

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