TiVo CEC 1.4b Early Access Testing
TiVo may soon be releasing a new CEC feature and is looking for a few dedicated testers to help us with further testing. This feature aims to provide some helpful features including but may not be limited to:
- TiVo remote control key press take TiVo device out of standby, turns on the TV and sets it the the correct HDMI input
- Remote commands via Alexa control TiVo and ensure the connected TV is set to the proper HDMI input
- Remote commands via IFTTT control TiVo and ensure the connected TV is set to the proper HDMI input

The feature is only available to TiVo devices (DVRs and Minis) running the TiVo experience 4 user interface.

If you're willing to help us test we may be willing to provide you early access to this feature before it goes live. Note, this is based on the HDMI CEC 4.1b specification (read more here: https://glenwing.github.io/docs/HDMI-1.4b.pdf).

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You understand that this is a Beta feature. By requesting to participate in this early access Beta program, you agree to allow TiVo to contact you via Facebook messenger or at the email address as required. Note, support for this feature will be managed directly through our Facebook user group and NOT through our standard support channels. *
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