Physical tests in the armed forces
In order to support Spanish colleagues from AUME in their national discussion on physical testing in the armed forces, EUROMIL calls on member associations to share information about the regulations of physical tests in their national armed forces.
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Q.1.1. Is the organisation of physical tests regulated in your national armed forces?
Q.1.2. If you answered "yes" to the previous question, please explain what is foreseen in relevant laws and regulations? Are there periodic tests? Are they compulsory? Is everyone concerned in the military or are there specific rules or exemptions in relation to rank, position, age, wound or medical condition,..? (If possible, please insert references).
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Q.1.3. What do the test consist of in terms of time limits, distance, weight, material (uniform and equipment), circumstances and any other detail foreseen?
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Q.2.1. Is your association aware of any death or injury case resulting from physical tests in your national armed forces in recent years?
Q.2.2. Are data available on death or casualties cases related to physical tests in your national armed forces? (If yes, please share them with the EUROMIL Office at
Q.3. Please explain if a medical assessment is foreseen in laws and regulations, if medical check-ups are done in practice and if so, how frequently (e.g. once every five years or before every annual test)?
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Q.4.1. How satisfied is your association with physical testing in your national armed forces?
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Q.4.2. Is there any additional remark you would like to make on the subject?
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