Push Mow Parade Application
Thank you for joining in the fun! The parade will be on a new date and at a new time: 2pm Sunday, February 16, 2020. The theme is Science Fair Projects Gone Wild. Decor ideas will be available on our Facebook page and guidelines at TrailheadMuseum.org.

All application fees are a donation to the Abita Springs Trailhead Museum. We thank you for your support. Come see us! We're the yellow building near the Pavilion in Abita Springs Park next to the Trace.

This form will be automatically saved as you type. Feel free to come back and update it before submitting. Once your submission is confirmed, you will be advised via email of the exact amount to pay at Town Hall. If you add walkers or vehicles to your entry after you've paid, please be prepared to pay the difference at the parade check-in table.

You are encouraged to create original, hand-made throws and avoid throwing plastic items in a way that they end up in our town drainage system. Parade judges will consider this effort in the awarding of the seven prizes that are given at the afterparty, which is back at Abita Springs Park this year with some great food and a live band - Big Al & the Heavyweights. The children's costume contest will begin immediately after the awards ceremony, which should begin at about 3:30pm. Please participate.

By submitting this form, you agree to cooperate in every way possible, to abide by the following rules in order to insure the safety and success of the parade, and to share these rules with all others in your group.

- All vehicles must be sufficiently decorated and all participants costumed. There are no exceptions.

- Our parade is not an opportunity to advertise your product or service. There are plenty of other opportunities for that.
Don't do it here. Contact us if, for any reason, you need clarification.

- Alcohol consumption by anyone riding or driving is strictly prohibited. Do not bring alcohol or contraband onto school grounds.

- Pickup trucks that are towing trailers may not have participants in the bed of the pickup because someone could fall out and the driver might not be aware. Truck bed doors must be closed.

- Silly string and throws that may cause harm are prohibited. Hand made throws are greatly encouraged. Be creative.

- A pooper scooper is required for horse groups and that person will not be charged as a walker or vehicle but must be costumed/decorated.

The Town of Abita Springs and its assigns shall not be held responsible and/or liable for the property of participants due to theft, damage by fire, water, accidents and/or other causes.

By submitting this form, you understand and agree that your organization, business, corporation, and/or individuals shall not hold the officers, members, agents, volunteers and/or employees of The Town of Abita Springs and/or event organizers responsible for any and all injury or damage caused by them, participants, or spectators.
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Please help our parade announcer by sharing what you consider to be the most fun, interesting, or creative aspect of your entry.
You may come back to this form to include more detail when you have it up to 48 hours before parade time.
As soon as you submit this entry, please bookmark that page so you can edit or add to it. The application will be reviewed and fee assessed prior to confirmation of your participation. Call George 10am-7pm M-F at (985) 400-5393 with any questions.
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