Johnson-O'Malley (JOM) Indian Education Needs Assessment 2022-23
Please complete the form below to help guide how WPS utilizes the JOM program to best meet the needs of our Native American student population.

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Name(s) of JOM/Native American Student.  Also, please indicate the grade your students will be in for the upcoming school year.  Example: John Doe, 6th grade
What do you feel are the most important needs of the Native American students in Wagoner Public Schools?  For each item, rank it on a scale from 1 (Extremely Important) to 5 (Not Important At All).
1 (Extremely Important)
5 (Not Important At All)
Financial assistance for parental cost items such as band instruments, classroom supplies, athletic needs, vocational supplies, workbooks, etc.
Career or Job orientation and information (students need to know what careers are available to them)
Cultural Programs (Students need more cultural programs through assemblies and regular classroom lessons.)
Indian Studies Programs in Schools (Classes are needed to teach Indian studies to students.)
Math Improvement (Students need resources and personnel to assist them with math.)
Parent Participation in School (Students need their parents more involved in the schools through parent programs.)
School Supplies (Basic school supplies, technology, books, curriculum)
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If your student will be attending Wagoner Middle School or Wagoner High School, would you rather purchase an extra Chromebook charger instead of the traditional classroom supplies?  **Must answer by April 8.
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Please list any other concerns or needs would you like to see the Indian Education Program address at Wagoner Public Schools.
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Is your student(s) Indian card on file with the school district?
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