UMBDT Committee Application Form
Apply to be a part of one of our team's committees! Do more for the team and take on leadership responsibilities. This is a great opportunity implement ideas you have for improving our team and make a contribution.

Being part of a committee will take up approximately 5-6 hours per month of your time. The amount of time required by and the time distributions for each committee may be different, and may change depending on what's going on with the team. For example, the Away Competitions Committee will spend most of its time surrounding competitions, whereas the Social Committee's time distribution will likely be more even over the course of a month.

We're really excited for you and other team members to find and organize ways to make everyone's experience on the team better!

Committee Objectives
-Maintain and improve relationships with alumni, parents and friends of the team via social media and other channels
-Organize events to raise money for lesson subsidies, lowering competition costs, team events, MichComp etc.
-Brainstorm new creative fundraising ideas!

- Away Competitions
- Ensure that our team gets the most possible out of away competitions
- Get people hyped for competitions
- Process and upload competition videos

- Social
- Coordinate fun social events for the team
- i.e. picnics, corn maze, sledding, capture the flag, movie nights, etc.
- Organize opportunities for team members to spend time together/get to know each other outside of parties

- MichComp
- Handle competition logistics
- Prepare the team for MichComp
- Advertising, outreach, programs, and everything else that will come up

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*You can apply for one of the following committees: Fundraising, Away Competitions or Social. In addition to your selection, you can apply for the MichComp committee. If you only want to be on the MichComp committee, that is an option, too.
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