Good Neighbours Coventry under 50s referral form
Good Neighbours Coventry helps vulnerable people during COVID-19 by connecting them to volunteers that can shop on their behalf, as well as befriending them over the phone to tackle isolation.

As a referrer, please fill in this form accurately. Please start by entering YOUR email address.

If you have any queries, contact the Good Neighbours Under 50s Coordinator, Bernardo: or 07450 693897.

Over 50s can be referred by email to .

Good Neighbours Coventry was set up by the charity HOPE Coventry in 2016, co-founded by Together for Change and Age UK Coventry and Warwickshire.

The full data privacy policy for HOPE Coventry can be viewed at The information you input here will:
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-not be passed on to or shared with other parties without the client's explicit consent
-be destroyed whenever you or the client request it
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