Jan/Feb 2018 UCG Sunday Service Committee
The Sunday Service Committee greatly appreciates your feedback, especially as it relates to the services from the past two months. If you have provided general feedback on a previous survey in the 2017-18 year, we already have your comments and you do not need to share the same ideas again.
Please rate the following services. 5 = Loved it (Service Leaders' names are in brackets).
March 4 - Mel Horvath-Lucid
March 11: Coping and Compassion, Martha Savage
March 18: #metoo, Karen Balcolm and Natalie Adamyk
Row 4
Jan 28 - Embracing the Whole, Mel Horvath-Lucid (Mel's family)
Feb 4 - Imbolc (Janice Canning)
Feb 11 - Rev. Linda Thomson (Lisa Lindsay)
Feb 18 - Walking the Talk (Lorna Wyllsun)
Feb 25 - Spiritual Growth Through Music (Unitunz)
Do you have any specific feedback regarding any service(s) that you particularly enjoyed? What made it(them) stand out from the others? Please list the service(s) when providing your feedback.
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Do you have any specific feedback regarding any service(s) that didn't work for you? What didn't you like about this(these) service(s)? Please list the service(s) and provide specific feedback/comments. Do you have suggestions of what could be improved?
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Do you have any other comments, questions, suggestions or concerns for the Sunday Services Committee?
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Do you have a suggestion of a speaker / topic for our May/June Theme - Respect for the Interdependent Web?
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