Building Blocks 6 month Evaluation
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Is the Building Blocks program one you would recommend to others? *
Did the Builder work with you to set meaningful learning goals for yourself? *
Was your Builder able to give to you the information you required to meet your goals? *
Did the Builder review your goals often with you during the program? *
Do you feel that you have made progress in meeting your goals? *
Do you feel that the program helped you gain knowledge of how to help your child with their learning/literacy needs? *
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Do you feel that you are using what you learned in your day to day life? *
Do you feel more aware of resources available to you in the community after participating in the program? *
Did you access any resources that the Builder suggested to you? *
Did the Builder conduct themselves in a professional manner during the delivery of the program? *
If you could add or change anything about the program what would that be? *
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