Faculty Stories: Support bargaining for a fair contract!
This forum serves a couple purposes. First, it gives part-time members a place in which to record personal experiences that show the hardship of working as a part-time instructor at current pay levels, many of which are at or below the threshold for food stamp eligibility. Full-time members could also share stories about past work as part-timers. Secondly, all faculty can explain and share stories about how LCC benefits from full-time positions. This would include examples about how faculty, the discipline, the department, and students may suffer from the lack of filling full-time positions. In other words, full-timers are in a better position to build strong departmental traditions of serving students and our respective disciplines. Some disciplines have no full-time faculty, and full-time positions have decreased by 20% in five years, and 33% of current full time faculty are officially PERS retirement age. We'd love to have specific examples that demonstrate the need for filling full-time positions. If you're willing, you can share your story as part of furthering our goals during the bargaining process.
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Part-time stories: Please share experiences related to economic hardship, healthcare issues, debt, housing, or the need to turn to government assistance.
Part-timers who have sought full-time work: Please explain how hard it has been to find full-time work and how eager you have been to see more full-time openings at LCC.
Please explain how LCC, especially LCC students and programs, benefit from full-time faculty work and suffers from not filling vacant full-time positions.
Additional stories: Importance of FPD funding; lack of sufficient compensation for part-time faculty workshop/meeting attendance, etc
Bargaining Reactions -- Please share stories related to your reaction to the college's bargaining proposals.
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