"Official Tapir Sparlock Signal" Public Volunteer List
This is the sign up form that will be used to add your name to the "Official Tapir Sparlock Signal" Public Volunteer List. Please fill out as much information as you are comfortable sharing. We'll add you to the official list and invite you to the secret subs for volunteers... r/tapirsignal and /r/sparlocksignal

Just a heads up... this is a PUBLIC VOLUNTEER LIST. We will lock down the list so only the mods of r/tapirsignal and r/sparlocksignal will be able to edit it. But other people might be able to see it. So only provide public information you are comfortable sharing. THANK YOU very much!

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If you can provide temporary housing/shelter for an exmormon/exjw, we will ask you to provide additional personal information in order to personally identify yourself so we can guarantee the person needing help is safe. Is this OK? (ONLY answer if this applies to you)
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