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Mentorship is a big part of the YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa’s objective of providing support to participants who have successfully completed the program. Mentors are the role models, coaches, acquaintances, and guiding lights who will be a crucial part of developing our alumni to positively improve their communities, enhance their leadership skills, and become global citizens. The goal of the Mentor/Mentee relationship is to offer both parties a chance to learn from each other and to build understanding across generations, culture, citizenship, backgrounds, etc.

A Mentor is an experienced individual who can offer guidance and experience as it relates to the implementation of the alumni’s individual project, coaching his/her professional development, providing him/her with support by listening and giving advice on life matters, and/or sharing wisdom and knowledge with the Mentee.

All Mentors will be required to have experience in business/public sector or Non-Governmental work, of a minimum of five years. Information that the Mentor provides in this application form will be inputted to Mentor Profile that will be accessible on password-protected Mentorship Portal open only to alumni of the program. The alumni will then be able to select a Mentor and request to be matched with him/her. The Mentor will be able to confirm the request and commence the engagement with the Mentee.

We encourage Mentors and Mentees to interact at least once a month during the 6-month mentorship period in order to establish a fulfilling and meaningful relationship. At the end of the 6-month period, the Mentor and Mentee will have the option to continue their engagement or might feel that they have mutually achieved their set goals.

We sincerely appreciate your willingness to share your time, talent, skills, and knowledge with a young leader through the YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa Africa Mentorship Program.

Thank you,

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