Bristol West home-hosting
Please fill in this form as fully as you can. We want to take your preferences for guests into account as much as possible! We are encouraging people to bring their own sleeping bags and food, though if you can provide breakfast that would be appreciated - but please feel under no obligation.
Thank you so much for volunteering to host Bristol West volunteers from outside the city.

Peter Lang Bristol West Volunteer Accommodation Coordinator
What is the address of where you will be hosting (please include postcode)? *
Is this address disability accessible (i.e. either NO large sets of stairs/steps or there is a functioning lift to your living space)? *
We particularly need accommodation for our action weekends and election day, so please tell us if the spaces are available on the following nights *
Please tell us how many couples you can accommodate, and whether it is on a bed or floorspace *
Please tell us how many single people you can accommodate and whether it is on a bed or floorspace *
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