Wired Presents Application Form
This is an application form for a one-off show on the Wired show 'Wired Presents'.

This show is 4-5 every Wednesday of term time, so please do make sure you are free at this time before applying if not we will not be able to offer you a show due to the existing schedule.
This slot has been created so there is something different every week on Wired Radio and we hope that it will engage audiences with new and diverse content. Although Wired has lots of music shows which we love, we are always looking for diverse content, whether that is comedy sketches, new writing, talk shows, interviews etc. - so do not hesitate or worry if you're not a DJ or want to do something other than music.

Though aimed at Goldsmiths students, Wired Radio is also very happy to work with local individuals and organisations, so please don't hesitate to fill out the application even if you're not based at Goldsmiths. ~ No experience in broadcasting or radio is necessary. A member of the Wired Radio team will be there throughout your show and will be there to help you with any issues.

This application has no close date as this is ongoing throughout the year - this also means that hope is not lost if you don't hear back from us immediately, please be patient! Any issues, please email us on management@wiredradio.co.uk

Good luck, we look forward to reading your applications!

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