2021 Summer Guitar Lessons
Welcome to the Sotto Voce Institute, where a 'soft voice' inspires learning!

Summer is a terrific time to begin or continue your musical work. The Sotto Voce Institute will be offering 10 weeks for summer guitar lessons, from June 12 - August 19. Guitar lesson are taught by Ben Albus and are available virtually or in-person at the studio.

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I. Student Information
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II. Parental (Adult) Information
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III. Lesson Dates & Times
Guitar lessons will be available on Saturday mornings in June and Monday-Thursday evenings in July and August. Please select the weeks and times your student is available for lessons.
June Lessons: Please select all the times the student(s) would be available for lessons. *
9:00-10:00 am
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Saturday, June 12
Saturday, June 19
Saturday, June 26
July & August Lessons: Please select all the weeks and days the student(s) would be available for lessons. (Lesson times will be between 4-7pm.) *
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July 5-8
July 12-15
July 19-22
July 26-29
August 2-5
August 9-12
August 16-19
July & August Lessons: Please select all the times that the student(s) would be available for guitar lessons. *
IV. Facebook and Website
Sotto Voce Institute has its own Facebook page and Business Website. This is where students can be featured from recitals. It is a way to share successes and accomplishments of the students and share with family and friends. "Like" the studio at #sottovoceinstitute on Facebook!
I give permission for Sotto Voce to use my photo/video or my child's photo/video on the Sotto Voce Institute Facebook page and/or website. *
V. Note to the Teacher
Please list any additional comments, questions or requests below.
Special Note:
Thank you for choosing the Sotto Voce Institute!
Your student's summer schedule will be provided before lessons begin. Contact Shanna, sottovoceinstitute@gmail.com, if you need information earlier.
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