IMPtv Application 2019-2020
As a part of the IMPtv team, students will have opportunities to work on various forms of Media and Technology Arts. Projects include participating in the creation of IMPtv news, using Macbook and iPads for video editing and digital design, and contributing to the social brand of Mooresville Middle.

A requirement of the application process is to submit a video to show your public speaking skills and video editing skill.

1 - Your video should have a title that includes your first and last name, current grade and current school
2 - Include other titles and transitions as you feel are appropriate to communicate your skill level and creativity
3 - You must appear in the video explaining your interest in being on the IMPtech Team and the skills that would make you a good asset to the team
4 - Please include other interesting information about yourself that you feel is beneficial for this application!
5 - BE CREATIVE! Use any video tool you are comfortable with.
6 - The video should be NO LONGER than 1 minute in length.

Put the video in your Google Drive, Share as "Anyone With the Link Can View" and submit the link in the last question of this form.

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IMPTECH TEAM EXPECTATION: To do this job, I understand it is necessary to come to school regularly and to be on time. I understand that I represent Mooresville Middle School, the IMPtv team and Mooresville Graded Schools. Good behavior is required from everyone on the IMPtv team. If selected for IMPtv, I pledge to be a positive influence through my words, actions and work ethic for my peers and community.
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