Internal Medicine Admission Totals
Please fill out information from day admitting teams below. DO NOT include holdovers admitted by nightfloat, but include ICU transfers.
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Date of MROC *
Admission data will be from date of the start of your MROC (i.e. you started MROC on June 25, 2020 so enter 06/25/20)
Number of Total Gens admits during 24 hours by Call Resident *
Including ICU Transfers, Admits by the Call resident (not by Gens NF resident)
Number of admits by Gens NF resident
# Admits by NF resident after 3am
Number of Gens DAY INTERN admits after 4pm: *
Including ICU Transfers
Number of HONC admits: *
Including ICU transfers (if non-call day, enter 0)
Number of HONC admits after 4pm: *
Including ICU transfers (if non-call day, enter 0)
Number of Cardiology Day admits *
Including CCU Transfers (excluding holdovers from nightfloat)
Number of Cardiology day admits after 4pm: *
Including CCU transfers
Number of CCU admissions in last 24 hours: *
Number of MROC admissions *
AHF/cardiology, gens bouncebacks, etc.
Please let us know what service MROC admissions were for. If you placed lines, holding orders, etc. you can can also include that in the text box below.
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