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The quality of the information provided on this recommendation form directly affects the success of contacting these individuals.  Both email address and snail mail are important in contacting prospective participants effectively.  

**Mailing address and prospective participant's email address and a parent email is required.

Please take the time to collect all the needed information prior to completing the recommendation form and double check entries to make sure they are correct before you submit.  This ensures your recommendations hear from me about TCTW.  Please do not put in made-up information (or the teen's email or your email in for the parent information) just to be able to submit the form.

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It's okay if you didn't travel west and are recommending yourself :). If that's the case just put zero in this spot.
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If the person you are recommending is not old enough to travel out west in 2022 or if you know they are interested in a future summer, put the year they would first like to receive info in this box.  They will get info for that summer.  If you put 2022 and they aren't interested, the person will have to respond to the mailing in order to get info a future year.
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