Women Only: What Do You Know About Weight-Loss?
There is a lot of conflicting information out there in the media about losing weight. This quick quiz asks fundamental questions that often get confused.

Do you know the truth?

After completing this quiz. You will see your results. Your personal information will be kept private. But the overall answers of the quiz will help shape future research I will be working on.

Thanks for contributing!
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#1 As a general rule of thumb. What is the minimum minutes of day should a person be exercising?
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#2 True or False: If you eat and exercise more. You are guaranteed weight loss? *
#3 True or False: If you eat the right amount of calories per day. You will definitely be able to maintain a healthy weight? *
#4 Which of the following does not influence your weight? *
#5 When you feel sore after a workout. You know you had a good workout done? *
PERSONAL QUESTION: Which part of your body would you like to tone up? *
PERSONAL QUESTION: How would you describe your current weight? *
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