Submitting articles to Sowers.
If you are interested in writing for Sowers. We welcome you with open arms.
Here are some things you need to know before hand.
1. Submit your articles in .pdf format.
2. Your articles will only be published after been successfully reviewed by our editors.
3. In order to be successfully reviewed by the editors. We suggest you follow certain guidelines.
a. No Profanity/Pornographic content. Though we encourage you to talk about pornography as an evil in our society.
b. Keeping the minimum word limit of 500-700 and not exceeding 800 words.
c. Your submissions should be factual. Link your source of research papers or statistics where ever you mention one.
d. Add some images to your articles. Royalty free is best. But if not, don't forget to credit the
3. You will have the authorship, and to acknowledge you as an author we need
a. Your Photo.
b. A short bio. Describing yourself.
c. Links to some of your social media handles.
4. In any case, the decision made by sowers will be the last.
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