Submit your child's question about science to FiveThirtyEight!
The questions that kids ask about science aren’t always easy to answer.

Sometimes, their little brains can lead to big places that adults forget to explore. That is what inspired our series "Science Question From A Toddler," which uses kids’ curiosity as a jumping-off point to investigate the scientific wonders that adults don’t even think to ask about. The answers are for adults, but they wouldn’t be possible without the wonder that only a child can bring.

I want the toddlers in your life to be a part of it! Send me their science questions, and they may serve as the inspiration for a column.

If you're new, here are a few previous columns we've tackled:
-- "Why Balloon Pop?" []
-- "What's the Loudest Sound in the World?" []
-- "What Weighs More: All of the People Or All of the Bugs?" []

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