Payment Submission
MessageTribes sends payment each month when your accumulated subscription earnings reach $100 (if your earnings are less than $100, they simply roll over until the next month until you reach $100). Please provide details below on where we should direct payment. Contact with any questions.
1. Name *
2. Email *
Must be same email address that you registered with
3. Mobile phone *
Must be same mobile phone number that you registered with
4. Payee name *
If MessageTribes should make payment to your name, please enter your name here again
5. Payee street address (including any apartment or unit number) *
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9. Please provide any other address details
10. OPTIONAL. MessageTribes is evaluating payment via direct deposit, PayPal, and Venmo. Please complete the section below if you wish to receive payments through one of these channels when they become available.
a. Please indicate any of the following that you prefer over a paper check in the mail
#1 Preference
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#3 Preference
Do not want
Direct desposit
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b. If you selected direct deposit above, please provide your bank deposit information
Bank account holder name
Bank name
Account type
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Account number
Routing number (9 digits)
c. If you selected PayPal above, please provide the email address associated with your PayPal account
PayPal email address
d. If you selected Venmo above, please provide the email and mobile phone number associated with your Venmo account
Venmo email address
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