Practices at M.S. 319
What did you see during the learning walk today?
Part I. The Students
Students do the majority of the talking *
Students are expected to explain their thinking *
Students show they are listening to one another *
Students willingly and openly admit confusion or not knowing *
Students challenge each other’s thinking non-judgmentally *
Students take initiative to explain another students thinking Including how they might have made an error? *
Students who get it quickly take responsibility for helping those who don’t *
Students refer to text to explain their thinking *
Are students working on the Independent Learning Center by themselves? *
Students working on different activities in class *
Part II. The Classroom
Skills are modeled to students *
There is a clear visual display of the idea *
Encouragement is given *
Good thinking is praised *
Students who acknowledge confusion are validated *
Confidence in kids is expressed explicitly *
Understanding by everyone is assured *
Strategies are used to find out who understands or not *
The traffic light color system to make sure that the students understand *
The red and green rugs to make sure that the students give evidence of the text *
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