Adopting a cat from Club Le PETit
Cats raised in Club Le PETit are healthy, happy, well-behaved, well-socialized and are ready to share their joy with people, children and other pets.

The adopting procedure in Felinology Club Le PETit is based on World Cat Federation guidelines and our experience. We invest significant effort, experience and considerable money in mental and physical development of our cats. Therefore, when choosing a future owner we will carefully examine the identity and try to match the characters. In particular, we will estimate the reasons and resources for adopting the cat. We are trying to predict all possible misunderstandings and protect the cats, adopters and Club from problems and unnecessary trauma. All stories from Le PETit have a happy-ending - cats are in good homes, and owners are immensely happy!

Adopting a cat from Club Le PETit, in three steps:

We will give cats only to adults with permanent address and steady incomes. Please allow a few weeks from the initial request to taking the cat home. Cats are in Le PETit Hotel Belgrade, Čingrijina Street, on Zvezdara Hill.

Taking the cat home

Prior to taking the cat home, the future owner will read and sign the Cat Adopting Contract:

By signing the contract, the owner will agree to return the cat to Le PETit if adoption fails. The owner will make a small donation to Felinology Club Le PETit, in cash, food, drugs or services related to raising other orphan cats.

The owner will get advice and help in selecting proper food and accessories for the cat. Initial costs will be around 50 euros (food, toilet and litter, basket or pillow, climbing and scratching post, toys, transporter, and vaccination when the time comes).

Adaptation in new home

During the first few months, the owner will regularly inform Le PETit on cat’s physical development and behavior, and will get any advice or assistance. If adopting fails for any reason, we will immediately come and take the cat without question!

Good luck :)

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