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Goals of the event:
• Expose students to career paths available in Broome County
• Showcase that students can have a good job and a good life in Broome
• Increase awareness for parents about available career paths, and the outlook
for these careers
• Connect un- or under-employed parents to current jobs in our area
• Connect students to career exploration opportunities, even seasonal or parttime employment

What to bring/prepare:
• Filling out this document will help you prepare talking points (GBEOP will
be creating packets for students and parents based on the information
you provide below)
• Information on current opportunities for students (including if you hire
16-17 year olds)
• Information on current openings for adults
• Information on what sort of skills/experience you look for when hiring for
various positions
• What the outlook is for careers in your company/industry
• Table cloth, displays, hands-on activities and giveaways (promotional
materials, candy, etc)
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