Sunreavers Guild Application Form
To apply to enlist with The Sunreavers, a role-playing guild on Wyrmrest Accord, please answer the questions below. Once submitted, an officer or the Guild Master will be in contact through Discord.
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Out-of-character information
This section helps us get to know you as a player/possible guild-mate and will help both the guild and the player determine if they are a good match.
Discord will be the primary method of communicating outside of guild events. Please confirm that you have and use Discord. *
Please enter your Discord handle (double check that this is right) below. *
Another way to get in touch with you is...
Guild event times are mainly  Sundays, and always happen from 5pm to 7/8pm server/pacific time. New members must be available during these times.   *
Please describe the level of participation that best describes your intentions (please be honest):
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Please describe your level of ambition when it comes to membership and leadership (there is no wrong answer, this just helps us keep track and plan for the future):
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The Sunreavers are a drama-free, inclusive guild and will tolerate no discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying. How will you contribute to this guild climate? *
In-character information
This section helps us to get to know your character and lets the guild, and the player, determine if they would be a good fit for each other. Please fill this form out once for each character on which you wish to enlist.
Character full name: *
Character race: *
Character age: *
Character class or specialization: *
Character's desired eventual rank:
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Reason for character's motivation to enlist with The Sunreavers? *
Character's views on Archmage Aethas Sunreaver (if you do not know who this is, please look him up before answering)? *
Character's views on the Kirin Tor? *
Do you have any closing comments/remarks for the officers as they review your application? *
I understand that upon review of a successful application, an in-character meeting/interview will have to take place during which the character will formally request enlistment. This will allow an officer the chance to evaluate the role-play style of the player. *
Upon submitting this form, I pledge that the information and the spirit in which it was given was honest to the best of your knowledge. The guild master or an officer will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss the application. Please ensure you check your Discord regularly until that time.
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