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We are committing to help serve as a ministry at the 4PM Sunday mass at CTK. Are you able to help? We need volunteers to be lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, ushers and sacristans for the 4PM Sunday mass. After serving, we'll go grab a bite to eat nearby (if there is interest)!
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Role Descriptions
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist – Usually need 2 or 3 per mass

Holy Communion is at the center of Catholic liturgical life. Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist are needed to assist in distributing the Eucharist at ALL weekend liturgies at Christ the King. (Time commitment: Two hours of required initial training, And assignments to serve at mass- 1 hour).

Lectors – Usually need 1 or 2 per mass

The role of the Lector is to proclaim the Word of God in the presence of the assembly, and to develop in the faithful a warm and living love for Sacred Scripture. Lectors are needed for ALL weekend liturgies at Christ the King. (Time commitment: One hour of initial training, And a once a month assignment to serve at mass - 1 hour).

Ushers and Check-In – Usually need 3 or 4 per mass

The Usher guides and facilitate the movement of the faithful who gather at Christ’s table.
Ushers are needed for weekend liturgies at Christ the King. (Time commitment: two in person trainings during a mass, and rotating assignments to serve at mass a few times a month at mass - 1 hour/per service).

Sacristans – Usually need 1 per mass

The Sacristy Ministry is centered on the care, maintenance and preparation of liturgical items used during mass. Sacristans are needed for all liturgies of the Cathedral. (Time commitment: One hour initial in person instruction. Assignments are flexible and various - 1½ hour).
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