This form MUST be completed in order for you to try out. Application needs to be completed by the Student Athlete, not a parent.

You MUST have an updated physical in order to tryout.

Bring a current physical, knee pads, court shoes, water, and athletic clothes.

All volleyball tryouts are closed to spectators.

If you have any questions please email Head Coach Lindsey Biocic at lindsey.biocic@pgtigers.org

If you would like a paper copy of the Informational Packet, please see Coach Biocic
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Do you understand that you much be in attendance for both days of tryouts in order to be eligible to make a team? (If you are injured contact Coach Biocic about an alternate tryout date)
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I understand that I am making a commitment to be a part of the PG Volleyball Program and that means that I will limit my absences. This team will be a priority to me and I understand that if I have to miss there will be make ups. *
I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to talk and communicate to the coaches and not to other players/ parents if I have a concern involving myself or the team. *
I am willing to give 100% to this program both on and off the court as well as during practices and matches. *
I understand and accept that I will be held to a high standard than the regular student body and that the coaches will hold me accountable for my actions and choices. *
As a member of the team, I understand and accept that we will all have different roles and that I will accept my role and fill it to the best of my ability. *
I understand and accept that there may be matches where I do not get to play if that is what the coaches think is best for me or best for the team. *
I understand that I, not my parents, must always communicate with my coaches if I am injured, sick, or absent. *
If you do not make the roster, are you interested in being a manager for the team?? (There is a limited amount of mangers spots available) *
Do you understand that an updated physical must be on file in order for you to participate in tryouts? *
Do you understand that there will be financial costs such as camps and team gear?
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Do you understand that teacher recommendations will count towards your overall score? *
By signing your name below you are agreeing that upon making the team you understand that you must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the coaches and principal of Prairie Grove High School. You understand that any rules broken may result in suspension or expulsion from the team as well as any other consequences the coaches deem necessary. You understand that this application and teacher recommendations must be turned in before you can tryout. You understand that you must provide an updated physical before you can tryout. You understand that you will be evaluated by qualified coaches on skill level, attitude, and work ethics during the tryouts. You agree to abide by the decisions of the coaches and judges regarding your tryout. You understand all costs involved and that the nature of the sport carries a risk of injury . If you agree with everything stated above please type your full name below: *
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